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Fulfilling my dreams with Jewellery Making

I have always known that I’m sort of a creative person. But when I was younger, there were constraints such as time and money. I was not able to pursue what I like best in terms of arts and crafts. Instead, I had to study and get good grades to survive the working world later. When I became a mother, my time was used to focus fully on my children. I hardly had any time to myself, let alone to cultivate nor pursue my passion in arts and crafts.

But now that my kids have grown and are independent, I can finally have some quality me-time and that’s when I start looking into my passion again. I was searching for things to do that can fulfill my passion for arts and crafts, to feed the creative monster in me that’s been supressed for way too long. I searched for workshops and classes online, but they were very limited in Malaysia. The more popular ones are sewing, knitting, watercolour painting, batik painting, soap making, photography, etc. I have attended a few but there was not much spark. So, I kept searching.

I must thank Google for keeping track of my searches and kept suggesting new activities and workshops to me. Cos one fine day, Elegant Jewellery Studio popped up on one of my feeds and I immediately jumped on the opportunity of signing up as jewellery making workshops sounded interesting.

I signed up for the basic jewellery making workshop and made the necessary arrangements to attend the classes. I was pleasantly surprise at how much thought and care are needed for designing a piece of jewellery. I fell in love with the workshop immediately and signed up for more classes on the spot.

Since then, I have been able to unleash the creative monster in me and enjoyed every step in the process of designing and creating my very own unique jewellery accessories. I am now very proud of the jewellery that I wear because every single one of them are my very own unique creation. Thank you, Elegant Jewellery Studio, for helping me fulfill my dreams in jewellery making!

Benefits of Jewellery Making

Do you know that jewellery making has many psychological benefits? The major benefits are listed below:

1. Physical Benefits 

Working with beads can improve your physical health. Because it eliminates stress, it helps reduce the risk of a heart attack and other conditions caused by stress. The next time you feel stressed, try beading – It’s a fun way to relax and stay healthy

2. Cognitive Benefits

Jewellery making is especially beneficial for the very young and very old. Working with beads develops many useful skills for pre-schoolers as well as aged seniors. By participating in bead jewellery making, seniors keep their brains active. Jewellery making also develops creativity and imagination in people of all ages. Those who participate in this activity can create a piece of jewellery with their own unique designs.

3. Developmental Benefits

Using beads to make jewellery is a great skill for young children to develop. Children improve their fine motor skills by grasping beads of various sizes. Once the bead is in the child’s hand, it must then be transferred onto the string, which involves manipulation skills.

Using beads also improves visual perception and memory. When so many beads are available, children must be able to scan the inventory and select the right one. Once they choose the ones they want, they must then develop a pattern and remember it.

Visual motor skills are also improved through beading. Putting the bead onto the string requires hand-eye coordination.

Using beads to make jewellery also improves problem-solving skills in children. They must figure out what type of jewellery they want to create and what pattern to use. They must also determine how many beads to put in a pattern and how long the bracelet or necklace should be, which improves math skills.

4. Social Benefits

While some people may prefer to work on their bead jewellery alone, many like to work on projects in group settings. Jewellery making is a fun experience to share with others. You can compare designs with the group and ask for advice along the way. You can also talk and share stories as you create your bracelet or necklace. This is especially beneficial for seniors, who enjoy being social but are often left home alone with no one to talk to or do things with. Young children can also develop social skills by participating in a jewellery beading class.

Want to enjoy the benefits of jewellery making too? Elegant Jewellery Studio is the only academy in Malaysia that offers various levels of jewellery making and designing courses for children and adults. More information can also be found on their Facebook page.