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《约总汇 The Wiser Talk》by SpiceC Media

Karen : What is the turning point moment that made you to venture into the industry of jewellery design?

Angie : I saw an opportunity and grab it. Especially in the area of jewellery education n jewellery customisation


Karen : Along the journey, what are the challenges, or any bottleneck you encountered before?

Angie : They are many challenges including wrong marketing strategies, product failure, cheated, everyone is multitasking, not focus enough to make one thing success before expand as i do not know which one eventually is our core. We are always distracted with many ideas and not able to execute well.


Karen : How do you overcome the current downside of the situation, and what is the strength that has keep you moving forward in your business until now?

Angie : Never give up. I have been test and measure different marketing strategies and product offering. Adopt what works n take away what doesn’t. Of course, the satisfaction of seeing my company achieving baby steps makes my journey worth while. Seeing my design well received by my client gave me a huge boost in my confident. At the same time, seeing more individual making their own masterpiece and learning new skill also drive me to do more and contribute more.


Karen : Could you please share with us what is your company’s core values, visions & missions ?

Angie : Our vision is to make the best jewellery by listening to the voice of customer, and to reach out the world with our best in class knowledge and experience in jewellery innovation. Our mission is to setup jewellery innovation center in every capital city of the world.

The very core value of us is we need to be knowledgeable in jewellery education, so that we can provide solution to our client.  Educated and seemless customer experience


Karen : How would you interpret the relationship between women and jewellery?

Angie : Wearing jewellery will be representing their social status, being beautiful, elegance, feeling confident, feeling loved. There is a story behind on every piece of jewellery, be it a sentimental piece inherit from our parent and by wearing it makes us remember the spirit of her existence. On the other hand, wearing jewellery given by your loved ones reminds you of him and the feeling of feeling loved and contented. The feel good energy. For some, wearing the correct stone attract the right energy for them and it enhance their overall well being.


Karen : Any suggestions to ladies who would like to get their very first basic piece of jewellery for themselves ?

Angie : I would recommend a treasure box consist of solitaire pendant, solitaire stud earing, pearl necklace, pearl stud earing and tennis bracelet. You will never go wrong with this basic and expand your collection from here.


Karen : Throughout the years, is there any changes in the market perception towards the value of jewellery?

Angie : Yes, the gold price has gone up by 10times from 20years ago. The diamond price has gone up by at least 30 %. Mainly due to inflation and the scarcity of the material. And gold bar is used as the reserve of each country.


Karen : Now that globally has already entered into the digitalization era, how do you see & deal with this “everything is going online” major trend ?

Angie : We consider ourself lucky as we have been internet since I started my entrepreneurship journey. Most of our offering is online. Client can see us in almost 15 different emarketplace and we manage all the store in house. We also pivoted our face to face teaching to online workshop since the last MCO. We are grateful to embrace the technology to reach out to more audience.


Karen : Since last year, due to the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic which has seriously affected the global economy, did Angie Jewels find any counter measures to deal with this pandemic ?

Angie : Yes, Covid 19 has affected some marketing channel like my walk in boutique in Shangrila. No more walk in tourist. We are lucky that we are presence online. So, most of our activities for example customized diamond ring, redesign client jewellery or teaching professional fashion jewellery design course is done online. Yes, we adapt to new norm and keep innovating is the key.


Karen : Do you have any advice for those who are interested or planning to venture into the industry of jewellery design ?

Angie : Take your first step, be it learning a new skill like jewellery making  Because you never know when this particular experience will be beneficial for your future. Success is for people whom is prepared for it.


Karen : Out of curiosity, which gemstone is your personal favourite, and why ?

Angie : I love many different gemstone. If I were to pick one. It must be Opal. Opal is the only stone that has play of colours with their background colour. 95% of Opal is from Australia. The rest of the countries are Mexico, Ethiopian and Brazil. The most expensive opal is call black opal.

CityPlus Radio Interview

Q1. What made you start this business? 
A1. It has always been my passion and dream to be in the jewellery industry. When the opportunity came, I just had to grab it.

Q2. Why did you name the company after you? Or, how did the name come about? 
A2. It takes courage to name something after myself. I decided to name the company and brand with my own name to show my courage, dedication and conviction to deliver the best to my client. It is a dedication that my name is at stake – Angie Jewels & Co.

Q3. How are you different from your competitors? 
A3. We are not just another jeweller that designs and sells jewelleries. We provide happiness and loveliness with our product and services.  We educate and transfer our skills to individuals that want to explore jewellery making as a hobby. Apart from just selling jewelleries, we offer jewellery making workshops for passionate individuals to make their own. Also, we share our jewellery knowledge with the public. This makes us different from the others.

Q4. There are many designs that you have created. Which is your favourite piece?
A4. I believe in multifunctional jewellery. Versatile necklace in particular. The multiway necklace can be worn in 14 ways. Having said that, all the designs are designed from the heart. I like all of them. The best design is probably the next one.

Q5. Do you collect jewelleries? What type of jewelleries do you collect?
A5. I collect my own jewelleries, especially the statement pieces and some signature designs. I love collecting special jewellery pieces when I travel. Each piece has a special moment tied to it, and these jewellery pieces are very memorable and close to my heart.

I also love collecting gemstones, ceramic, enamel, organic jewelleries, clay and glass jewelleries.

Q6. As a graceful lady, what does jewellery mean to you? If you were to choose a piece of jewellery for a young lady, how do you go about the selection? 
A6. You can power up using jewellery as finishing touches to your look. One third of your wardrobe should be made up of accessories. For a young lady, I would recommend my treasure box series. A must-have for any girls out there. It consists of 5 items, a pair of earring studs, a solitaire pendant, a pair of pearl studs, a pearl necklace and a tennis bracelet. All of them are basic jewellery that every girl should own to complement their look from day to night.

Q7. What do you think of the Malaysian jewellery industry? What is the outlook for the industry? 
A7. Based on research, an individual will only visit the jewellery shop 5 times in their entire life. The first must be for their wedding, then birthday, followed by anniversary or Mother’s Day celebration. That is why 90% of the jewellers sell wedding rings as their main product. There is huge gap, or I would say opportunity in the jewellery industry. Jewellery is not just limited to Diamonds and Gold. There are many gemstones, crystals, and precious metals available. But due to the lack of knowledge, consumers only buy what they are comfortable with. But there is no doubt that personalised and special jewellery boutiques have a higher demand.

Q8. Does consumer understand the jewelleries they buy? What are they buying and collecting? If you were to recommend, which type of jewellery is the best for collection with appreciation in value over time?
A8. Generally, the buyer of jewelleries are mostly men. They buy jewelleries because there is a need. A need to get a ring for engagement, and gifts for anniversaries and birthdays. All men know is diamond, gold or white gold. If I were to recommend, I would say the basic jewelleries that can be worn every day. like what I have mentioned earlier in the treasure box (solitaire earrings, solitaire pendant, pearl studs, pearl necklace and tennis bracelet). In terms of value, of course diamond and gold or even gemstone will appreciate over time. A good quality strand of pearls is as valuable as a diamond pendant.

Q9. A lot of women dream to be in the business of beauty and fashion. What are your benefits or greatest achievement to-date?
A9. It is not easy to be in any business. It is very competitive. You need to find your niche. Currently, my academy is one of the top 3 jewellery workshop providers in KL. Through my journey, I have learned and discovered more about myself by overcoming challenges. By overcoming the challenges, it has also helped me to better understand my customers’ needs.

Q10. What are some of the biggest challenges you face in running the business? How did you overcome them?
A10. I have faced with many challenges, from product design failure, to wrong marketing strategies, and having been cheated, and many more. But, by overcoming these challenges, I grew stronger. If a tree has sunshine all day it will not grow, it needs rain and wind to make its root grow deeper and stronger. Challenges made me and my company stronger.

Q11. How do you maintain diamonds and jewelleries? 
A11. I normally store my jewelleries in separate plastic pouches inside a box. The plastic pouches will protect the jewelleries from scratching against one another within the box.

Q12. Jewelleries are beautiful like life itself is beautiful. Are you satisfied with your current life? What is a fulfilling and happy life to you? 
A12. A diamond becomes shiny for having gone through high pressure and heat under the earth. After that, it needs some polishing then only it will shine. To achieve a happy and fulfiling life, I guess we have to go through what a diamond has gone through. Then our life will shine brightly like a diamond. There are no short cuts nor comfort zones.

Q13. What is the next thing for AJ? New Design? What can we look forward to?
A13. Angie Jewels would like to share more jewellery related knowledge with our students, clients or individuals wishing to know more about jewellery. We have one mission in mind, and that is to educate them to make better decisions when it comes to buying jewellery.

We share topics like:
1. How to differentiate real pearl from fake
2. All about diamond
3. Birthstone
4. Precious Metal
5. Fix your broken jewelleries

We will be rolling out a DIY kit in May to reach out to more individuals, so that our clients can make jewellery at the comfort of their home.

My new collection will involve Feng Shui elements – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. I will be recommending my clients what is the best jewellery suited for them based on their elements.

Q14. Can you share your motto in a sentence to our beautiful listeners? 
A14. Everyone has a jewel in you, bring it out and let it shine brightly in your life.