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5 reasons why Jewellery is the Perfect Gift

5 reasons why Jewellery is the perfect gift

If you’ve ever received a piece of jewellery as a gift, chances are you’ll probably remember who gave it to you, where you were and on what occasion. You may even remember what they said. Giving jewellery as a gift is a wonderful idea – it can be meaningful, but also very practical. It’s a gift that you can wear every day and keep forever. Here are five reasons why jewellery makes a great gift:

  1. Jewellery is lasting. Jewellery is more than a purchase – it’s an investment that can appreciate in value over time. Plus, most family heirlooms are pieces of jewellery that pass from one generation to the next. You could be the one starting a new family tradition!
  2. It sends the right message. Giving jewellery as a gift can help you share how you feel when you can’t find the right words. It expresses your love, your friendship, your tenderness, your recognition or any other sentiment. There isn’t anything better than a piece of jewellery and it leaves a lasting impression.
  3. It’s customisable. Jewellery is extremely customisable. You can find or create custom pieces that represent a loved one’s personality, colour preferences or style. To make your gift even more personal and one-of-a-kind, have it engraved with a special date, word or phrase.
  4. It’s versatile. No matter what your taste or budget, you can find an item to suit your needs. Plus, jewellery is appropriate for every race, age, gender and class. Rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and watches – there’s something for everyone.
  5. Jewellery surprises and delights. As mentioned – few things are as memorable as receiving jewellery from a loved one. Jewellery as a gift always makes people happy. Everyone likes to receive a piece of jewellery that was chosen carefully by a loved one. Even though it has always been a great gift – jewellery will continue to elicit surprised gasps and happy tears for years to come.

And there’s a bonus point:

The dramatic presentation. Part of giving jewellery is setting the stage – and you can make the presentation just as special as the gift! Think proposal, wedding, anniversaries and any other memorable special occasion. Need some inspiration? Check out Kelvin Gems for a variety of options available to suit your needs and budget.

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Travel Agency Recommends Shopping At Angie Jewels & Co.


Travel Agency Recommends Shopping At Angie Jewels & Co.

Excellent shopping is one of the greatest things about Kuala Lumpur so surely when you come on vacation that should be on top of your list too! And who doesn’t love some fine jewellery whether it is for yourself or someone you care about.

Flight Network which is an immensely popular travel agency recently did a blog post called “72 Hours to Shop, Eat and Explore in Kuala Lumpur”, and on this list they featured some of the absolute best places to eat, shop and experience while spending time in beautiful, bustling Kuala Lumpur. These are some places Flight Network believes that visitors to the city absolutely cannot miss out on.

Flight Network is a leading global travel agency meaning they are responsible for sending countless tourists on spectacular vacations all around the world every single day. When they recommend places to their customers it is because it is worthy of being on their list of places to hit up while spending time in these destinations.

We are happy that Flight Network recommends us as a place to: “…spoil yourself or someone you love with some of these gorgeous pendants”.

So when you are heading to Kuala Lumpur do stop by our shop, which is located in Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur, to find a pendant for yourself or your loved one. It is a great memory and souvenir to bring home from a lovely time in one of the best cities in the world!

Benefits of Jewellery Making

Do you know that jewellery making has many psychological benefits? The major benefits are listed below:

1. Physical Benefits 

Working with beads can improve your physical health. Because it eliminates stress, it helps reduce the risk of a heart attack and other conditions caused by stress. The next time you feel stressed, try beading – It’s a fun way to relax and stay healthy

2. Cognitive Benefits

Jewellery making is especially beneficial for the very young and very old. Working with beads develops many useful skills for pre-schoolers as well as aged seniors. By participating in bead jewellery making, seniors keep their brains active. Jewellery making also develops creativity and imagination in people of all ages. Those who participate in this activity can create a piece of jewellery with their own unique designs.

3. Developmental Benefits

Using beads to make jewellery is a great skill for young children to develop. Children improve their fine motor skills by grasping beads of various sizes. Once the bead is in the child’s hand, it must then be transferred onto the string, which involves manipulation skills.

Using beads also improves visual perception and memory. When so many beads are available, children must be able to scan the inventory and select the right one. Once they choose the ones they want, they must then develop a pattern and remember it.

Visual motor skills are also improved through beading. Putting the bead onto the string requires hand-eye coordination.

Using beads to make jewellery also improves problem-solving skills in children. They must figure out what type of jewellery they want to create and what pattern to use. They must also determine how many beads to put in a pattern and how long the bracelet or necklace should be, which improves math skills.

4. Social Benefits

While some people may prefer to work on their bead jewellery alone, many like to work on projects in group settings. Jewellery making is a fun experience to share with others. You can compare designs with the group and ask for advice along the way. You can also talk and share stories as you create your bracelet or necklace. This is especially beneficial for seniors, who enjoy being social but are often left home alone with no one to talk to or do things with. Young children can also develop social skills by participating in a jewellery beading class.

Want to enjoy the benefits of jewellery making too? Elegant Jewellery Studio is the only academy in Malaysia that offers various levels of jewellery making and designing courses for children and adults. More information can also be found on their Facebook page.